The Axe Music and Belsize Park Music Songwriters

Thanks for the the many 70s ‘standards’ they created.
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Dave Beckett & Gary Weeks
“Could You Ever Love Me Again”
“I Can’t Find The Words”
“Where Do We Go From Here”

John Dudgeon

John Dudgeon
“Take It Slowly (Steel River)
“Dream Is Country”
“Just Remember”, etc.

David Lodge

David Lodge
“I’m Running After You” Hooples
“Let The Love Begin” Rain
“Stand And Sing Ein Prosit” Walter Ostanek

Fergus Hambleton

Fergus Hambleton
“Easier Said Than Done” Sattalites
“Mirrors” Gary And Dave
“Ice On The Road” Fergus Hambleton

Durst & DeAngelis

Bill Durst & Joe DeAngelis
“Africa” Thundermug
“Orbit” Thundermug
“Bad Guy” Thundermug

Forrester, Cockell & Dunning

Forrester, Cockell & Dunning
“Mexican Lady” Steel River
“Southbound Train”
“If You Let Her Know”

Greg Hambleton

Greg Hambleton
“Out Of My Mind” Rain
“I Believe In Sunshine” Madrigal
“I’m A Rider” Gary And Dave