What is a Reproduction Rights license? It is an authorization to reproduce or make a copy of music in digital and/or physical form.

Mechanical, digital and other licensing uses for AXE MUSIC, (including Bluenose Music) and BELSIZE PARK MUSIC publishing catalogues are administered for the world (except the USA) by SOCAN RR (SOCAN Reproduction Rights), Canada. Since 2018, SODRAC and SOCAN have integrated music rights management in Canada.

Licensing In Canada? Email: RRLicensing@socan.com or call: 1 800 557-6226 or visit https://www.socan.com/music-licensees/
Independent Producer/Artist? Visit: https://www.socan.com/independent-producer/

Licensing in The United States? Go direct to The Harry Fox Agency or contact us.

Licensing internationally? Except for the United States, SOCAN RR represents the Axe Music and Belsize Park Music song catalogues around the world in over 100 countries and territories through their reciprocal affiliated agreements with each local licensing agency. Please contact your local society/agency for more information. Here are some examples:

To search the AXE MUSIC song catalogue by title on this site go to: https://greghambleton.ca/repertoire/. The US based themlc.com also has a public searchable database of the catalogues.

World Synchronization Licenses requests are available here and also available from local international representatives.

Any questions? https://www.greghambleton.ca/contact/